Suicide Squad Review

In a summer of disappointing movies, “Suicide Squad” may be the most disappointing. There are a lot of people that would lump in “Jason Bourne” in there, or “Ghostbusters” but there are lots of positive things about both films…

There are positives about “Suicide Squad” as well namely the performances of Viola Davis (Amanda Waller) and Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn). Both strong female characters, with totally different motivation and outlook on life, but both performances are chilling and memorable in a largely unmemorable film, despite all of DC’s efforts. Will Smith, it should be noted, did his job well, delivering the heavy handed dialogue he was given and elevating his performance over the other members of the SS, minus the aforementioned Robbie.

This film was climbing an uphill battle, to be sure, Marvel’s “Civil War” took a film with many more characters and made it organic, fun and raised the stakes naturally. This movie had the difficult task of introducing these new “heroes” to us as well as giving us a reason to care about them. While each one was able to play their roles, most of it wasn’t enough to keep your attention unless, Davis, Robbie or Smith were on the screen too. The tone of the film, and the dialogue specifically didn’t help matters. The comedy, even a lot of one liners by Harley Quinn fell flat and most of it was based on the premise that she’s crazy or she’s attractive. There was a nice moment late in the film between Will Smith’s character “Deadshot” and his daughter, but aside from that I felt that the dialogue between them was stilted and shoe horned in, as was most of the plot. The music stood out as a positive to begin the film, but by the end the music felt forced, and overall trying too hard. I know I haven’t touched upon Jared Leto’s Joker yet. The jury is still out on this one. He had little screen time, and wasn’t given too much to play with when he was on screen. That being said if there’s a chance of seeing more of him in the DVD release, (Leto said that there’s enough cut footage of him from this film, that he could headline his own film with it.) I’d be on board with that.

I’m hopeful that DC will right the ship, and that their future is bright. The “Wonder Woman” trailer is phenomenal. The “Justice League” trailer that was released at Comic Con looked good too. But I was hopeful about “Batman V. Superman” and I was hopeful about “Suicide Squad”. After watching both, I left the theatre with a very “Meh” feeling. I loved the “Suicide Squad” trailers too, so watching this film, makes me nervous for “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League”. But despite the disappointment, I’m be ramped up for the next wave of DC films. I can’t help myself… I just love movies, though I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) a lot more than the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Did you see “Suicide Squad”? What do you think? Am I full of crap? Feel free to let me know your thoughts at, put “DC Films” in the subject. We’ll chat, it’ll be great! Thanks for reading!

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