Reviewing My Own Stuff

Hey y’all!!

I have a lot of DVDs! I can’t tell you how many but it’s A LOT! Even now, I LOVE to buy them (especially if they’re in a discount bin with lots of Special Features! :) Really my collection started in college, where I’d buy movies arguably without discretion. Sadly though, while I’m a huge movie buff and do watch lots of films, and tv shows, for whatever reason I have a hard time ACTUALLY WATCHING my own movies, yes including the ones I bought in college! (This could be my own attempt to psycho  analyze myself. :)

So I’d like to go through my collection of films and watch each one and write about it. Initially I wanted to start at letter A and go through every film that way, I still may… even though I watched Cloverfield a few weeks ago. It was fun to revisit that movie especially given that I haven’t seen it since it was in the theaters. Similarly, I rewatched “Batman Begins” last night. I hadn’t seen it since the summer of 2005 in Kittanning, PA in a crappy theater. It was my first summer out of Grad School. I enjoyed it then and wanted to rewatch it for awhile as “Batman V. Superman”  came out a few months ago and I wanted to do a Batman deep(ish) dive. Anyway- I finally watched it again.

Oh my. I loved re-watching this film! Chris Nolan wanted to update Batman and set it in an ultra realistic world. Prior to this incarnation of Batman we last were subjected to “Batman And Robin”, and the cheesy, campy lines and set pieces therein. As a kid I loved the Adam West Batman, and Joel Schumacher tried to tap into that cheesiness and failed miserably. Nolan on the other hand achieved his goal of creating a believable Bruce Wayne and Batman! From the opening shot you know Bruce Wayne and his motivations, you watch him train, you watch him strike fear into the criminals of Gotham by embodying The Batman. The entire film is cast brilliantly which adds to the believability of this film. Liam Neeson shines as a mentor/foil to Bruce. Michael Cain almost steals the film as Alfred as does Morgan Freeman as Lucious Fox. Props to Warner Brothers who said yes to every casting choice of Nolan’s. Who would have thought that Gary Oldman would be such a subtle and interesting Jim Gordon? But besides that it’s Rachel Dawes played by Katie Holmes that really serves to tug at Bruces’ heartstrings when she said “What chance does Gotham have, when good people do nothing?” She, along with the memory of his father, is Bruces’ conscience and motivates and inspires him to do what he does. She calls him out on the fact that he’s wearing a mask as Bruce Wayne and the REAL him is The Batman! Fortunately for us there isn’t going to be a shortage of Batman films anytime soon. And moreover we can always look back at the Nolan trilogy even if we don’t love the current state of Batman films! (To be clear, I’m not an ultra downer on Batman V. Superman and I REALLY liked what Ben Affleck brought to the table, so I feel like we’re in good hands coming up… but if anyone disagrees they can ALWAYS look back and find Batman films of the HIGHEST quality starting with “Batman Begins”.)

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