What to Expect

Welcome! Thank you for working with Legacy Casting! We want you to have fun and enjoy this experience! However, it will require hard work and cooperation from you. Please read the following IMPORTANT information very carefully, even if you have worked as a background actor many times before!

What to bring:
Please wear your favorite wardrobe option (that fits the guidelines for your role) and bring 3-5 potential wardrobe options for the wardrobe department to choose from. (Your final email includes the specific clothing items you should or should NOT wear!) Please also bring something to keep busy while you are waiting to film . . . book, ipod, magazine, cards, etc. Do not bring anything that you would be upset if it was lost or stolen! The production is not responsible for lost or stolen property. It is also wise to bring snacks with you to eat throughout the day. Craft services will provide snacks in the extras holding area but it is good to have snacks you know you love. Lunch will be provided six hours after the crew has to be on set. Do NOT bring guests! Anyone that is not on a payroll voucher will not be allowed to stay.

Be On Time:
Be on time!!! It is best to be early, better to be on time, and BAD to be late! Your “Call Time” is the time that you are due to arrive on set. We will email your call time as soon as it is available! Often we will not know the time until late the evening before the shoot because we have to wait for the production to wrap. You should be dressed in your favorite outfit and “hair and makeup ready!” The hair and makeup department will check you and make sure you fit the scene but they are not responsible for getting you all made up!

Arriving and Getting Paid:
Park and look for the “Extras Holding Area.” You must report to the “Extras Holding Area” to sign in and to receive a “Pay Voucher.” Do not lose this voucher, it is the key to being paid! Make sure you have your ACTUAL Texas Driver’s License OR your passport with you as well as a photocopy of your document. The photocopy will be collected with your voucher and given to the accounting department. If you do not have a photocopy and actual document, you will not be able to work. Please also make sure you know your Social Security number. (For “Dallas,” you do NOT need to bring your SS card or a photocopy of it). Someone from the wardrobe or props department may take your voucher in exchange for a costume or prop and will return your voucher to you when you return your item. At the end of the day, you will sign out and turn your voucher in to a member of the AD team (Assistant Directors). Always keep your copy of the voucher receipt! It usually takes 2-4 weeks to receive your check. The payroll company listed on the voucher is your employer on record for the project/s worked! *LEGACY CASTING IS NOT YOUR EMPLOYER!!* All payroll inquiries should be made to the number listed on your voucher.

Once on Set:
Do not bring your camera, laptop, ipad on set. Please turn your cell phone OFF whenever you are going on set. Once on set, the ADs (Assistant Directors) and AD PAs (Assistant Director Production Assistants) will let you know what you are supposed to do in a scene. It is very important to be quiet at all times and pay attention to their instructions. On set, everyone has a specific job to do. Please ask the AD PAs if you do not know what to do . . . do not ask wardrobe, cameramen, grips, etc. The ADs need to know where you are at all times. If you need to leave the set for any reason, please check with them first. The ADs and AD PAs are your point of contact while at work.

Actors are your Co-Workers:
Please DO NOT ask the actors for autographs or engage them in conversation. Actors are working hard to be “in the zone.” They are there to do a job, just like you are.

Hurry Up and Wait:
In this business, everything is “hurry up and wait.” There may be long periods of time when it seems as though nothing is happening. However, actors may be rehearsing lines, the crew may be lighting the set, etc. Be patient! You are getting paid even when seemingly nothing is happening! The hours can be long and the weather can be trying. When you agree to be an extra, WE NEED YOU ALL DAY LONG! Once you are “established” in a scene, we need you to remain on set until we complete the shooting of that scene. If for any reason you cannot spend twelve or more hours with us, please let us know before the day of shooting.

At Wrap:
Return your wardrobe and/or props and bring your voucher to the extras holding area to sign out. In order to be paid, you must not leave with your voucher. A member of the production staff will approve your voucher and give you a receipt. Check your voucher and make sure it shows the correct number of hours worked. If you parked your car or drove your car in a scene, there is an additional “bump” on your paycheck for this. Check to make sure you were given the bump, if applicable. Save this receipt until your paycheck arrives.

Emergencies happen. We understand. If you are lost or sick, please call our office at 214-785-4984. If you do not show up and do not let us know in advance, you will be considered a “no show” and deleted from our database.

We are the PR for this show! Please remember this when you post on facebook, twitter, or talk to your friends and family! In our tech savvy world, everything you say and post can be used against you. Choose wisely what to post! If you post a picture or comment on your day on set, the production could ask that you are not invited back. Be wise!


Quiet on the set:
Please be quiet. They are usually talking to the EXTRAS when they say this! If one person is talking, it may sound like a whisper. If a group is talking, it sounds like a roar. The crew may be talking because they are setting up equipment . . . this doesn’t mean you are allowed to talk!

Pictures up:
They are about to start filming. You should stand by for your cue.

There is film moving through the camera. Please do not move yet. Your cue is coming next.

It is time for you to perform. Please remember to never look directly into the camera. Remember exactly what you were doing in a scene, so you can repeat your actions each time. If you are supposed to pretend you are talking or clapping or cheering, remember to do it in pantomime!

When you hear the director call “Action,” it is time for the main actors to perform.

Back to one:
This means that you should return to your first position and standby to start your action again.

It’s a wrap:
This means that we are finished with the scene!